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Bag of Remin RockdustWhen we ran the Association and had some stores sheds, one item we had that certainly seemed to be good for the soil and plants, was RockDust. Mined from Scottish quarries, this remarkable volcanic rock dust contains two thirds of all non-synthetic minerals known to man, and is a natural method of adding essential trace elements to your soil.

Whilst we no longer run the sheds, or the Association, we do get the occasional request asking if we know where to get it locally to Ilkley. Unfortunately we were the local suppliers for this area.

Now, all An Ilkley Gardener can suggest is have a look on Google for mail order firms that stock and delivery at a reasonable price.  We used to stock Seer brand, but Remin is basically the same stuff and seems to have replaced Seer as their website is down.

You might like to consider getting Rockdust from Amazon: Elixir Gardens ® Remin Volcanic Rock Dust 20Kg which currently offers free delivery.